• Rupa Paranjape

    Rupa Paranjape

  • Raúl Garreta

    Raúl Garreta

    Co-Founder & CEO at MonkeyLearn. Co-Founder at Tryolabs. Machine Learning professor and researcher. Entrepreneur. Science and Technology enthusiast.

  • Yogita Abrol

    Yogita Abrol

  • Gonzalo Zariaga

    Gonzalo Zariaga

    I SUCK, but I make it up with stubbornness

  • Oren Ellenbogen

    Oren Ellenbogen

    VP Engineering @ Forter, Curate awesomeness @ http://softwareleadweekly.com , Author of http://leadingsnowflakes.com

  • Patrick CS Fan

    Patrick CS Fan

    Working on Chatbot, Mobile Wallet, DevOps, AIOps technology; former IBM Redbooks Thought Leader; Technopreneur; Rock Bassist & MusicTech Lover

  • Gary Kong

    Gary Kong

    Helping #IndustrialAutomation Leaders gain more VISIBILITY to #cybersecurity BLIND SPOTS | Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/gary-kong-cybersecurity

  • Rajeesh Nair

    Rajeesh Nair

    A full-time #Atheist, #Writer and #Blogger. Wish to inspire, motivate and encourage people by examples… Founder of @PickDigest

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